Terms & Conditions


Afco is an integrated globally accepted decentralized cryptocurrency exchange system, designed to simplify trade for investors all around the world. It comprises of a brilliant team of specialists who have developed an understanding of the cryptocurrency exchange by stepping in the marketing for building up a digital currency.

Purpose of This Document

This draft has been prepared to determine all the rights that will automatically be transferred to Afco once the user registers on their website. The private information entered by the users at the time of signing up will be provided by the users willing knowing that it can be used by Afco in the future.

Client Privacy

Afco respects its users privacy and does not condone the sale of any delicate information of the investors or its customers. People can stay assured that their data is being kept private and protected with its blockchain exchange.

We work towards maintaining the privacy of our users, by allowing them to anonymously transact, interact and seek for any cryptocurrency exchange related assistance.

End User Data Rights

Note that by signing up , you are agreeing to them accessing, storing and utilizing your personal information. Till the time user terminates. Afco is free to consume this information in any way they see fair.

Afco does not promote misuse of customer information, but they do use this information to offer plans and other packages to their users based on their previous purchases and preferences.

Personal Information Collected

Afco only has the rights to the users information which has been provided by them at the time of their registration. We strictly prohibit users from sharing their personal information to anyone except our website. Also, avoid replying or sharing information to any email coming from an unknown source except for our official id.

We demand users to share only their basic information, in order to validate their identity to ensure the creation of authenticated secure network, without any hackers or robotic malware. This is a basic requirement which is essential for verifying the users.

Policy Changes

These terms and conditions listed here are subject to change according to the market changes. Afco is free to revisit and revise these terms and conditions whenever they feel fit. Users wont be given any prior notice before the implementation of these changes, so its users responsibility to periodically check these changes. All the changes in the terms and conditions will be updated and notified of in this section.

Disclaimer of Warranty

Afco does not guarantee any returns or that their services are going to remain error-free, timely at all time. We also dont warrant any specific amount of results that will be obtained from investing in our Afco.

On signing up you will agree to invest in cryptocurrency and take risk of exchanging in this market. Afco is not responsible for your ability properly utilize or inability to use, their services. They are not responsible for your investment decisions, be it good or bad.

Neither Afco nor its representatives take or give any guarantee of the users invested funds and returns. Loss or Gain in cryptocurrency exchange is a matter of market risk, which cannot be manipulated.

Accuracy of Users Account Information

You agree to give us your complete, current, and 100% accurate account information for all the sales as well as purchases which will be made by you at our store. You also agree to promptly update and make changes on your account or any other information in case of any changes, this includes your email address, personal information, and payment information etc so that we are able to contact you if needed and also complete your transactions through the verification.

If Afco detects or finds out anything suspicious about your account they are free to verify or terminate it, that too on the basis of a valid proof only, of course.

Accuracy of Information

Afco has prepared these terms and condition in good faith and as a legal measure to help its users understand their rights over their personal information that they are sharing with them. This draft has been prepared with full transparency that lists all the basic conditions which are being implemented by the Afco on its users.

By registering to Afco, you agree to their each and every policy and condition mentioned here or not, till the duration of the termination of your account.

Note: If you are unable to understand any policy or condition above then dont register withus . Feel free to contact us for getting a detailed explanation of any of our policies.

Please carefully read the information below before using the website

The website and its related services are owned by Afco. By using the website you are accepting Afcos terms and condition of use. All references us, our, Company or Afco means Afco and is registered. All references to you, your, or the user means the person using the Website or the Services provided by Afco.

Website Responsibilities

The website will not be responsible for any losses or claims arising from following events and its consequences:

Afco will not be responsible for mistakes made by the user of any Afco related services. For example forgotten password, transactions to wrong addresses or accidental deletion of wallets.

Security problems at user end are not under the responsibilities of Afco. For Example unauthorized access to users account or wallet

Any action or event of third parties, including cyber attacks, fraud etc is isolated from Afcos terms and condition.

Afco is not responsible for technical failure at user end.

Software problems of the website or any related services would not get consider under Afco responsibility.

Unless otherwise needed by law, in no event shall the website owner or contributors to the website be responsible for any damages of any kind, including, loss of use, loss of profits, or loss of data arising out of or in any method connected with the website.


The investment in Afco may lead to money loss. Afco does not guarantee that investors in Afco would not lose any money.

Tax Obligations

The owners and contributors of Afco are not responsible for any tax determination on digital money/services transactions. Users are solely responsible for tax determination for their transactions.

No Warranties

The Website does not store, send or receive Afco. All the transfer occurs on decentralized network, not on the website. Afco does not provide any warranty of any kind regarding the services, material, data, content etc. provided on website.

Things Not to Do

User must not modify or copy any data/material/content from this site.

Any Deletion or alteration of Afco logo, trademark, or other proprietary rights notices from Afco website is not acceptable.

User must not use any data of website for commercialization purposes.


The user of the Afco agrees to liaise any dispute arising from or in reference to the Afco Website or this disclaimer, aside from disputes associated with copyrights, logos, trademarks, trade names, trade secrets or patents.